Print Fleet Management

Fleet Admin Pro: The Essential copier fleet management

Samsung Fleet Admin Pro is a core printer fleet management solution with essential features combining convenient monitoring and efficient automation, such as device configuration monitoring and automated rollback. This essential suite of features comes free of charge with the basic version. Using Fleet Admin Pro’s indispensable features, businesses can flexibly and seamlessly manage devices with greater efficiency and ease, resulting in improved productivity while at the same time reducing costs. And, by installing an additional plug-in for the extended version, large enterprises can gain more powerful and cost-efficient fleet management with support for multi-site and multi-server environments. As a component of Samsung Business Pro™ Printing Solutions, Fleet Admin Pro has been developed to work optimally with Samsung devices and third-party vendor devices.

Powerful Device Management and Proactive Monitoring and Reporting

Device management and printer status/capacity monitoring is a routine task for IT administrators. With Fleet Admin Pro, IT managers can avoid dealing with identical requests repeatedly, with the profile monitoring feature, they can easily detect devices that fail to comply with their company’s IT policy. Let’s say there is an eco-friendly printing policy under which every printer in the office needs to be on eco-mode. Fleet Admin Pro’s profile monitoring allows IT managers to find all eco-mode-disabled printers at once and automatically set them to eco-mode. Furthermore, firmware updates—another repetitive task—can be scheduled and automated without interrupting the office workflow.

In addition to device management support, Samsung Fleet Admin Pro simplifies printer monitoring and reporting. Automated e-mail reports and text messages notify the administrators of low toner status, paper feed errors, and other easily solvable issues that can otherwise cause downtime and lower productivity if unresolved.

Centralized Management: Multi-site and Multi-server Management

IT admins, with their already hectic schedules, face the problem of having to manage printers at multiple sites and on multiple servers. With Fleet Admin Pro’s Site Manager and Multi-server* features, administrators can enjoy centralized management. They can monitor devices at different sites (both server-based and server-less) remotely from a central site. Multi-server supports installation and operation of up to three servers that can manage among them a total of 30,000 devices.