Our Client Offerings “Ticks all the Boxes”:

Complete Outsourcing Model Proposed

Unsurpassed Implementation and Management Skills

0% Escalation

Competitive Pricing

National Footprint

Compliance to all Terms and Conditions, Including Penalties and Breach

Market Leading Audit Methodologies

No Minimum Billing

Leading Service Levels

Value Added Services

Executive Summary

Velaphanda Trading and Projects believes in building partnerships with our clients and not simply being a supplier of products and services.  Our strategy is to supply the best possible solution at the best possible price.

Velaphanda Trading and Projects has led the office automation industry in striving to create products and processes with minimized environmental impact, as well as promoting partnerships with governmental, industrial and environmental groups. We work according to the philosophy, “Our Earth, Our Tomorrow”. This is based on the notion that because we share the planet, we share in a duty to protect and preserve it.


Our Vision statement is:

To be a BBBEE Document Solution Provider of choice through effective and efficient service.


Our Mission Statement:

Velaphanda Trading and Projects is a provider of document solutions (Hardware and software), through excellent service. This is achieved by sound management and staff that are committed. We embrace the concept of Ubuntu and we are always prepared to walk the extra mile.

Summarised below is our proposition to the new client which transfers the operational responsibility of document production from the new client to Velaphanda Trading and Projects.  We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss our offer with you in more detail.

The overall management strategy for the effective supply of goods and services to you is to:

  • Perform thorough survey of existing environment to determine accurate current state of document output infrastructure
  • Use assessment results to issue proposals that are cost effective and focus on:
    • The analysis of products across a range of manufacturers to add to the Velaphanda Trading and Projects solution, to enable us to enhance the proposed offering in terms of profitable utilisation of the devices (Total Cost of Ownership).
    • Increased productivity
    • Combining consumable volumes
    • Propose systems to measure usage/costs and allocate them to users, departments, locations or divisions, thus laying the proper foundations for effective account management in future.
  • Make use of sound project management principles to implement and maintain these solutions to ensure the objectives agreed upon in the design phase are met.
  • Implement on-site support including:
    • Technical maintenance
    • On-Site personnel
    • Consumable issuing
    • Installation and training.
  • Monitor and manage the need to replace technology should it be required. This could include hardware, software and/or management systems.
  • Manage the document production requirements within the municipality
  • Administer one point of contact for maintenance, supplies and ongoing assessments.
  • Provide assistance when decisions have to be made with regards to document production and the impact of these decisions on current contractual obligations, settlements and vendor relationships.
  • Assist in maintaining an accurate Asset Register.
  • Assist in the disposal and/or donation of existing, dated equipment where necessary.
  • Advise on industry trends, standards and best practices.
  • Issue management reports when required, isolating high cost areas, over and under usage of devices and pre-empt areas of concern.
  • Manage the procurement, installation, training and ongoing support.


In addition to the above Velaphanda Trading and Projects is proud of our Key Differentiating Factors which include:

  • Environmental Conservation: As part of our fundamental business principles, Velaphanda Trading and Projects recognizes environmental conservation as one of the most important missions given to mankind and we endeavour to integrate it as a key element in all our business activities. We therefore willingly accept our responsibility for environmental conservation and direct this approach on a company-wide basis.

Total Green Office Solution

Research and Development

Promotes life-cycle assessment based design

Product Design

Combines energy saving technologies with productivity

Manufacturing and Chemical Substance Management

Opts for factory kitting and Eco-Packaging


Advises on TCO reduction and sustainability optimization – Pay Per Page green

Service and Support

Ensures that Velaphanda Trading and Projects devices remain energy-efficient and in top condition

Collection and recycling

Actively promotes a society that re-circulates resources

End of Life Management

Adopts a Zero Waste to Landfill policy

We undertake to ensure that the required numbers of resources with the appropriate skill levels available to deliver to the new client, the contracted services at the agreed service levels. Furthermore our training of back-up resources removes any dependency on individuals.

We will ensure that your documents are produced and managed as cost effectively as possible by continuously introducing new, innovative products, systems and controls.  Our approach is focused on reducing costs, increasing user productivity and adding value through the improvement of document management and workflow.